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Level 3 Barrier Face Masks (1200 pack)

These masks are used for all surgical procedures, major trauma, first aid or in any area where the health care worker is at risk of blood or bodily fluid splash.

Each carton contains 40 boxes of 30 individually packaged masks. (1,200 masks).

Level 3 Barrier Face Masks (1200 pack)

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  • Characteristics Level 3 barrier           
    Bacterial Filtration efficiency (BFE), % -ASTM F2101/ EN 14683 ≥ 98%

    Differential pressure (Δ P), mm H2O/cm2  

    - EN 14683

    < 6.0

    Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood,

    minimum pressure in mm Hg for pass result

    -ASTM F1862

    160 mmHg
    Flame spread-16 CFR part 1610 Class 1

    Microbial Cleanliness (EN ISO 11737-1)



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