N95 Mask (10 Pack)

These UV sanitized masks are used for any purposes other than medical. For your work place these masks can be used as personal protective equipment (PPE)

Each carton contains 40 boxes of 10 invidually packaged masks.


For bulk order please contact Samantha Whitelaw on 0458 001 138.

N95 Mask (10 Pack)

SKU: N95X10
  • Our N95 masks fulfils test requirements and standards under Test standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009 to use as a Respiratory Protective Filter Mask.

    Our N95 masks are tested for following test methods and we assure the quality of each and every batch we produce.


    • Penetration of filter material – Sodium Chloride Test (95L /min: max 6%)
    • Penetration of filter material – Paraffin oil Test (95L /min: max 6%)
    • Practical performance (FFP2) – Test standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009
    • Breathing resistance ( Inhale 95L/min:2.4    Exhale: 160L/min: 3.0)
    • Flammability - Test standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009
    • Compatibility with skin - Test standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009
    • Total inward leakage (FFP2) - Test standard EN 149:2001 +A1:2009