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ALTSA will be rolling out a soil/plant nutrition analysis sample pickup service in coming months for local customers, including free sample bags (similar service for other analyses in the future). This will highlight the difference between what we can offer compared to our big city competitors i.e. your business will not have the hassles of purchasing sample bags, packaging up samples for shipping via freight or post and associated costs, freight costs, the risk of samples changing due to fluctuating temperatures/conditions and long periods of time leading to potentially false or inaccurate results, and worst of all long delays before getting results. Delays and resulting inaccurate results could be costing your business big dollars without you even know it.


Will see the development of further analytical capabilities in food and wine, microbiology, environment, water, wastewater, possibly also pest/disease/agronomy and potentially even asbestos testing. Indeed we intend to be able to offer many of the standard tests currently being performed internally or by external labs for your and other local companies. Where we identify a viable local need that we can potentially service we intend to set up further laboratories accordingly.

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